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Majlis Design

Modern Arabic Majlis Design is extremely popular today in the UAE. The fact is that it organically combines classic Eastern sophistication, luxury, and convenience.

Traditional Arab homes used to have a private sitting area for the guests known as the majlis. The Arab culture is very warm and cordial. They think of guests as blessing from God and treat them with sanctity. This is where the idea of a majlis design came from. It is a place to entertain guests in a separate area while maintaining privacy in the homes.

Majlis Design

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Interior & Fitout - Dubai provides you with a dedicated interior consultancy service and offers the best arabic standards in terms of excellent quality and traditional design. High-end materials for furniture production and fit out projects will make a substantial difference. Live now the exclusive experience of a luxury lifestyle with the best handmade interiors and design proposals, following unique arabic style and its traditional guarantee of quality.

The design of the majlis has evolved in style and architecture over the years. Modern Arabic majlis designs are very grand. They are designed in a number of styles ranging from Islamic, Moroccan, and Mediterranean to even contemporary. Majlis designs in the past used to be simple and down-to-earth. They mostly consisted of Bedouin seating style, daybeds, and loose comforters. But the Majlis design of today ranges in style to style. Modern Arabic majlis designs encompass all styles and formations.

We can help you to shortlist the team members who were able to design your Majlis exactly the way you want it. Once they get to know your point of view and requirements, things that you need in this specific area of your home and other details, they will come up with such an idea that will mesmerize you and your guests and there will be no one who will not appreciate the look of your Majlis. Here the style may differ to other rooms in the house, where functionality prevails. The sitting room should be filled with beauty, luxury, a pleasant atmosphere to have great meetings.

We know how hard it is to choose the best interior Company with high value. Our design speaks the language as you do. We offer a wide range of high-end design options to choose from for your villa and majlis interior.

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